Shooting Producer and Editor of 11 years with over 300 broadcast television credits and hours of content online
For a selection of work, check out the Showreel 2017 followed by the portfolio below. Alternatively if your interested in Automotive or Music Videos, please click the buttons.

Showreel 2017

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Thanks for watching my 2017 Showreel. A selection of work from TV to online content as an editor, camera operator and also as a producer and director.
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a collection of 10 films and clips

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Case Studies

Case Study # Going Viral in China - 13,000,000 hits in 5 hours

TH Entertainment & Versace
Producer, Cameraman and Editor
With a budget of £10,000, a crew of 3 with 5 hours to shoot performance and 1 day of pickups, I managed a double production for both TH Entertainment and Versace when pop singer T.A.O was invited to attend the London Fashion Week 2015 as guest and model of Versace (Versus clothing line) and to shoot his music video Reluctantly. Within 5 hours the video had 13,000,000 hits across social media platforms in China and peeked at 20,000,000 within a month. The video was voted number one best new music video on various charts.

Case Study # Olympic Games London 2012
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FOX International / ESPN
Cameraman and Editor
Cameraman and Editor part of an 8 person international team covering the games for Asia Pacific territories.

Case Study # Porsche Origin

Porsche AG and Porsche GB
Creative Director, Cameraman and Editor
Creation of all content for global Porsche Platform pushing and sharing content to major international publications.

Case Study # St Albans Renaissance
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St Albans District Council and Verulamium (Roman) Museum
Producer/Director, Cameraman and Editor
Creation of all content for a 3 year documentation project. Part of a £10m relocation programme of all antiquities to a new city centre sight.

Case Study # To Exhibit Artefacts
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Cameraman and Editor
As part of my wok for the Verulamium (Roman) Museum, this is a short example of how I work with my turntable and studio lighting kit.


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Steve Bond | 11 years experience | 350 broadcast credits | hours of online content

My professional career began in 2006 with UK leading facility company, Procam Television servicing, maintaining and operating all industry standard production equipment. At that time our clients included ITV News, Endemol Shine, and ZigZag.
In 2007 switched into Post-Production as a freelance Avid editor which developed into two long term contracts with major UK production companies, and progressed into a Shooting Producer and Editor role and then into Creative Director.
Over the years I’ve accumulated approximately 350 broadcast credits and hours of online content for companies such as BSkyB, ESPN, FOX International, Motors TV, Eurosport, Bentley Motors, WV Group, Porsche (AG,GB,Russia).
Now again as a freelancer, I continue to expand my skills set and include 3D modelling, drone camera work and format development.
The highest point of my career was filming and editing for FOX International at the London 2012 Olympics.


07930 673 417